"From Darkness to Light..."

From an 8 year old who could not discriminate all the consonant sounds and spoke hardly a couple of words a day, my son, today, is communicating in sentences and reading at  a second/third grade level. This would not have been possible without intensive speech and language therapy through Dr. Pat Van Slyke. Pat has the insight and expertise in Landau Kleffner Syndrome that was crucial to my son's progress.

She evaluates his receptive and expressive language thoroughly, periodically, and also uses sign language to assess his functional language.   The last seven years have been a passage from darkness to light for my son who is now a less frustrated, a more animated and productive person.

Pat is the the only speech pathologist who insisted that I sit in on the sessions,  so I can continue on with the therapy the rest of the week. Pat taught us how to scaffold the learning of language and how speech and language feeds into literacy. We are hopeful that with continued guidance from Pat my son will blossom even more. 

-Parent V. T.

"Clearly an Expert in her Field"

Dr. Van Slyke delivered a high quality professional presentation on the topic of language and literacy. She engaged the audience by linking her in depth, evidence-based, knowledge, to her clinical experience, as a pediatric speech-language pathologist. 

At the conclusion, I left with many useful techniques and resources, to assist me in my own work with children of various ages and cultures. 

Dr. Van Slyke was enthusiastic and authentic. She answered questions effectively. She is clearly an expert in her field. Professionals across many disciplines, as well as parents, would benefit from one of Dr. Van Slyke’s presentations, as she said, “everyone is a teacher of literacy.”  

-Dr. D.T.





Dr. Pat Van Slyke is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter in the areas of language and literacy. I have attended her presentations many times, and I always learn something new from her. She is a dedicated speech-language pathologist and has devoted hours of her time to professional associations. 

She has presented many times at the local, state and national level. In addition, I have had the honor of knowing Dr. Pat Van Slyke for many years and she has been a mentor to me.  

— Dr. E.B.


“Huge Difference for Our Child!”

Dr.  VanSlyke gave us a thorough, comprehensive assessment for our son.  Upon receiving the information in her report, we have watched our son progress-both through his improved oral language processing skills and in the weekly updated goals she sets for him.  She makes it very easy for him to feel successful during activities that are actually quite challenging for him.  

After each session, I leave knowing the areas of growth and what areas still need support from Dr. Pat.  As a parent, it is comforting to know there is progress happening with each session; however, from our son’s perspective, he sees himself growing with each visit, as Dr. Pat makes it a point to let him know how he’s improved.  Her attention to detail and ability to highlight growth has made a huge difference for our child!  

— Parent S.K.

“Top Notch Therapy. A True Blessing”

Dr. Pat Van Slyke has been a true blessing for our family and our 5 year old son Vincent. She has worked with him since he was 2 years old. He has made tremendous progress with his speech and language skills over the last 3 years. She completed annual thorough assessments and provided results and recommendations. She explained the results in a professional manner and simple for parents to understand.

She has provided on going therapy in areas that were difficult for him and social pragmatic skills. She uses one on one therapy and up-to-date appropriate technology and web based applications to help him. These applications made it fun for him to learn. Vincent would not be in the position he is in today with his expressive and receptive language if we had not had Pat to help him and provide top notch therapy.

-Parent M.B.