Dr. Van Slyke  is a dynamic speaker who integrates her theoretical knowledge, clinical expertise and practical strategies in her presentation topics.  To invite Dr. Pat Van Slkye, Speech Pathologist to speak at your organization, call 847-828-7093.

Dr. Pat Van Slyke is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter in the areas of language and literacy. I have attended her presentations many times, and I always learn something new from her.
— Dr. E.B.
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Response to Intervention: Language & Literacy

An in depth and practical way of understanding the Tiers in RTI, how to develop the RTI team and ways to advocate for an RTI program in your district are emphasized in this presentation. Participants will gain research – based information and activities, specifically focusing on intervention for the language impaired student and those students with reading challenges. Intervention areas covered include: emergent literacy, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, decoding and comprehension. 

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Language/Literacy Connection and Importance of Vocabulary

Language is the foundation of literacy and literacy skills are the foundation of academic success. Children with communication difficulties are at great risk for literacy development. Speech Language Pathologists can have an important role in literacy assessment and intervention. Participants will gain knowledge in the theoretical underpinnings of literacy development and in intervention techniques to provide support for these children.  Skill areas covered are reading, spelling and written expression as they relate to phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Special emphasis is given to teaching strategies for vocabulary development.  Case studies will provide opportunities for the participants to analyze and modify the various areas of literacy for children with communication difficulties. Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM) will also be discussed.

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Curriculum Modifications in the Classroom for Language/Literacy Challenged Students including Children with LKS

Students with language/literacy challenges have unique educational needs that must be addressed for these students to be academically successful.  This course reviews the components of typical and atypical literacy development, and highlights areas that the language challenged learner has difficulty with. Accommodations and differentiated instruction across the curriculum are demonstrated via strategies to enhance learning within the curriculum. 

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 Landau-Kleffner Syndrome: Assessment & Intervention

Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (LKS) is a rare seizure disorder affecting the language cortex of the brain. Children are born with normal language and cognitive abilities, but between the ages of 2 ½ -6 years of age, seizure activity disrupts the language centers of the brain. This course covers a detailed description of what LKS is, how it is identified, treatment options for the disorder, speech and language assessment and intervention. These students are usually included in the regular education classroom; therefore, curriculum modifications are discussed. Multiple case studies are presented.

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So You Want to be an SLP in Private Practice!

Private practice remains a viable option for the career speech – language pathologist. This is a half day workshop that provides hands on information of practical do’s and don’ts when embarking on this career path. Various ways of setting up the practice are discussed, including target marketing, advertising, billing, record keeping, tracking referrals, and tax information. Samples of forms provided include:  intake forms, case referrals, billing sheets, payment logs, insurance payment forms and progress forms.  Consultation as a form of private practice is also discussed. Contact us at 847-828-8093 to learn more.